Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Are you looking for a great fundraising idea that you want to organize for your school? You can try organizing a cookie dough fundraiser. This type of fundraising event is similar to traditional sales campaign type of fundraiser. This means that the tasks of handing out sales brochures, sales script and order forms to your customers are still much-needed in accomplishing your fundraiser. Unlike other More information types of fundraising events, selling cookie dough is very simple but profitable.

Organizing a cookie dough fundraiser has become very easy nowadays since most fundraising companies today makes cookie dough available in the market. It saves us the trouble of formulating our own cookie dough. They come in tubs that weigh more or less 3 pounds and will cost you $10 each tub. There is a wide variety of cookie dough flavors that you can choose from. They even offer sugar-free cookie dough which is recommended for health conscious customers. If you want to lessen your effort on the refrigerating process, you can page choose dry-mix varieties that only require an application of water and a little manual mixing before baking.

With this kind of fundraiser, you can expect great productivity on your part and notable satisfaction on your customers. But to further maximize the potential income of your fundraiser, you need to consider shipment fees and product varieties of the fundraising company you plan on partnering with. If possible, find a company that won't ask you of any shipping payment and are willing to assist you in your fundraising event. Also check the quality of their sales brochures and always take advantage of price cuts on bulk orders. You might as well stick to a fundraising company that excels in those aspects and is able to supply you with all the cookie dough you will need. When you are doing this kind of fundraiser, prioritize the quality of products you offer to your potential customers. You wouldn't want get sued by your customers in the case they will turn ill after consuming your products, would you?

It is always good to invite your close friends, families and relatives to article take some time to participate in your fundraising event. However, do not limit your target market with only them. You will gain more profit if you widen your sales campaign coverage. And just to be sure your volunteer team has an idea of how to lure in customers with some small talk, compose a script of the things that you want your volunteers to convey to customers. Most beginners won't get the hang of it right away but with some practice and utilization of convincing words such as "because" and "we need your help", it won't be much of a problem in the future. Of course, specify to them the name of your fundraiser event, the reason you set up this fundraising event, and where or how can they avail from your products. Show them the products that you offer and give them one of your sales brochures, together with an order form.

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